Movies & Videos

We understand that not everyone likes to read, or even has the time.  As a committee we want to show you how important it is to feel that many of your grief experiences are shared by many people.  We also want you to feel cared for.  So make a tea, relax, and watch one of the below videos or big box movies.

Non-Mainstream Videos

  • A Cradle Song (1991), Canadian Learning Company.
  • Children Die Too (1990), Kinetic.
  • Encounters with Grief, Canadian Learning Company
  • How I Coped When My Mom Died, Canadian Learning Company
  • Inner View of Grief: Young Adults Dealing with Loss, Canadian Learning Company
  • Surviving Death: Stories of Grief (1986), Canadian Learning Company.
  • To Touch a Grieving Heart (1995), McIntyre Media.
  • What Do I Say To My Children (1989), Aquarius Productions.
  • Where’s Pete (1991), National Film Board of Canada.
  • ‘Saying Goodbye’ Series, TVO
  • The Pitch of Grief, Canadian Learning Company

Mainstream Movies

    • Beaches
      Hillary (Barbara Hershey) and CC (Bette Midler) meet as children vacationing in Atlantic City, N.J., and remain friends throughout the decades. As CC, a loud New Yorker, pursues a singing career, Hillary, a staid Californian, becomes a successful lawyer. Over the years, they often quarrel or compete, but, as other relationships flourish and die, the two women are always there for each other, traveling from coast to coast through the most tumultuous times. A remake of this movie was made in 2017 by the same title featuring Idina Menzel. An unexpected and lifelong friendship between an aspiring singer and the daughter of a prominent civil rights lawyer, after they serendipitously meet on Venice Beach. (1988) Buena Vista Pictures
      City of Angels
      Seth is an angel who guides humans to the next life. When he sees Maggie, a heart surgeon trying to save a patient, he falls in love with her. Seth makes a choice which changes everything. Starring Nicholas Cage and Meg Ryan.  (1998)

Warner Bros. Pictures

    Collateral Beauty
    Howard Inlet, an advertising executive, becomes depressed post the tragic death of his young daughter Olivia. His business partners hire actors to prove his mental illness and take over his company. Starring Will Smith.

    (2016) Warner Brother Pictures

      The Fisher King
      When provocation by Jack, a radio jockey, causes an unstable caller to shoot people, he becomes depressed. Soon, he meets a victim of the shootings and decides to help the man. Starring Jeff Bridges and Robin Williams. (1991)

      TriStar Pictures

        • The Fisher King
        • Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close
        • Flight From Death
        • Ghost
        • Hanging Up
        • Life is a House
        • Lilo and Stitch
        • The Lion King
        • Lorenzo’s Oil
        • Man on the Moon
        • Men Don’t Leave
        • Meet Joe Black
        • Message in a Bottle
        • Mother of Mine
        • My Life
        • My Girl
        • One True Thing
        • Ordinary People
        • Patch Adams
        • Ponette
        • Rabbit Hole
        • Silver Linings Playbook
        • Stand By Me
        • Shadowlands
        • Steel Magnolias
        • Stepmom
        • Sweet November
        • The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby
        • The Invisible Circus
        • The Fundamentals of Caring
        • The Son’s Room
        • To Dance with the White Dog
        • The Descendants
        • The Single Man
        • To Gillian on her 37th Birthday
        • Vigil of Hope
        • Walk the Line
        • Wit
        • What Dreams May Come
        • Philomena
        • PS I Love You
        • the Station Agent
        • UP