Anticipating Death & Loss

Preparing for dying, and for the loss of a loved one, can be a very confusing and scary experience.  While you may or may not feel completely beside yourself, we want to bring you the resources and tools to make this the most positive and connected experience possible.

Alzheimers & Dimentia
  • Healing Your Grieving Heart: When Someone You Care About Has Alzheimers:  100 Practical Ideas for Families, Friends, and Caregivers
    Alan D. Wolfelt PhDKirby J. Duvall MD

    If you’re caring for a loved one with dementia, you know firsthand the challenge of providing care while maintaining your own well-being. Caring for a Loved One with Dementia offers a compassionate and effective mindfulness-based dementia care (MBDC) guide to help you reduce stress, stay balanced, and bring ease into your interactions with the person with dementia.
  • Loving Someone Who Has Dementia
    Pauline Boss
    Nearly half of U.S. citizens over the age of 85 are suffering from some kind of dementia and require care. Loving Someone Who Has Dementia is a new kind of caregiving book. It’s not about the usual techniques, but about how to manage on-going stress and grief. The book is for caregivers, family members, friends, neighbors as well as educators and professionals.
Caregivers Anticipating Loss
Couples Anticipating Loss Together
  • Sex When You’re Sick
    Anne Katz
    Sexuality is much more than sex; it is the embodiment of how we perceive our sexual selves and encompasses past experiences, attitudes, values, as well as the meanings that we have constructed throughout our lives about our sexual behavior.  This book explains the reasons why illness and injury affect sexuality. This information alone will help many people who are experiencing problems in their sex lives as a result of the illness itself or the treatments for it. It also presents suggestions for how people can help themselves to solve their problems.
  • Women Cancer Sex
    Anne Katz
    Sexuality after a diagnosis of cancer is a real issue for women and their partners. This title explains the changes that many women with cancer experience and offers practical advice on how to handle these changes. It includes chapters that describe the experience of a woman with a particular kind of cancer and a variety of related problems.
  • Sex and Cancer: Intimacy, Romance, and Love after Diagnosis and Treatment
    Saketh R. Guntupalli, Maryann Karinch
    Helps readers mitigate outcomes and overcome challenges of sexual dysfunction after a cancer diagnosis; reassess the priorities in an intimate relationship to support the patient’s struggle, healing, and libido; and learn to interact with the professionals tasked with saving lives and enhancing those areas affected by cancer diagnosis and treatment.
  • Intimacy After Breast Cancer: A Practical Guide to Dealing with Your Body, Relationships, and Sex
    Gina Maisano
    Discusses the sensitive issues of self-esteem, body image, and sexuality to help you become the total woman you still are. Examines the emotions experienced by breast cancer survivors, including anxiety and fear of recurrence.  It offers guidance on regaining the confidence to start living again.  The mental and physical effects of post-surgical medications are discussed, along with solutions for maintaining optimum health. Also focuses on rediscovering your sexuality.
  • Intimacy With Impotence: The Couple’s Guide To Better Sex After Prostate Disease
    Ralph Alterowitz, Barbara Alterowitz
    Erectile dysfunction is a frequent consequence of prostate cancer and other prostate disease treatments. Though unwelcome and embarrassing, it doesn’t have to end a couple’s sex life. Both informative and practical, Intimacy with Impotence gives couples cause for hope. It discusses impotence in lay terms, provides information on the commercial therapies and medications both available and being researched now, and gives practical advice about lovemaking-from getting in the mood to commonsense suggestions to erection-less satisfaction.
  • The Lovin’ Ain’t Over for Women with Cancer
    Ralph Alterowitz, Barbara Alterowitz
    A frank and open approach to discussing the issues with sexuality and intimacy that many women experience after undergoing cancer treatment. It guides women and their partners with facts, knowledge and techniques that have worked for other women, and strategies recommended by top health professionals.
  • Saving Your Sex Life A Guide for Men with Prostate Cancer
    John Mulhull
    In a straightforward style, Dr. John Mulhall guides the reader through the basics of male sexuality, explains the role of testosterone, the functions of the prostate, and the common difficulties men encounter when disease strikes. In plain language, this book spells out the causes and symptoms of prostate disease and diseases of the lower urinary tract and the approach to deal with the aftermath of treatment.
Preparing for Dying
  • Being with Dying: Cultivating Compassion and Fearlessness in the Presence of Death
    Joan Halifax
    The Buddhist approach to death can be of great benefit to people of all backgrounds—as has been demonstrated time and again in Joan Halifax’s decades of work with the dying and their caregivers. Inspired by traditional Buddhist teachings, her work is a source of wisdom for all those who are charged with a dying person’s care, facing their own death, or wishing to explore and contemplate the transformative power of the dying process. Her teachings affirm that we can open and contact our inner strength, and that we can help others who are suffering to do the same.
  • Chasing Daylight How My Forthcoming Death Transformed My Life
    Gene O’Kelly
    Chasing Daylight is the honest, touching, and ultimately inspirational memoir of former KPMG CEO Eugene O’Kelley, completed in the three-and-a-half months between his diagnosis with brain cancer and his death in September 2005. Its haunting yet extraordinarily hopeful voice reminds us to embrace the fragile, fleeting moments of our lives-the brief time we have with our family, our friends, and even ourselves. This paperback edition features a new foreword by his wife, Corinne O’Kelley and a readers’ group guide and questions.
  • Handbook for Mortals: Guidance for People Facing Serious Illness
    Joanne Lynn, Joan Harrold, Janice Lynch Schuster
    Warmly addressed to all those who wish to approach the final years of life with greater awareness of what to expect and greater confidence about how to make the end of their lives a time of growth, comfort, and meaningful reflection. Written by Dr. Joanne Lynn and a team of experts, this book provides equal measures of practical information and wise counsel. Readers will learn what decisions they will need to face, what choices are available to them, where to look for help, how to ease pain and other symptoms, what to expect with specific diseases, how the health-care system operates, and how the entire experience affects dying persons, their families, and their friends. Such practical information is indispensable.
  • The Four Things That Matter Most: A Book About Living – 10th Anniversary Edition
    Ira Byock
    Four simple phrases: “Please forgive me,” “I forgive you,” “Thank you,” and “I love you” carry enormous power to mend and nurture our relationships and inner lives. These four phrases and the sentiments can help us resolve interpersonal difficulties with integrity and grace.  Dr. Ira Byock, an international leader in palliative care, explains how we can practice these life-affirming words in our day-to-day lives and improve our emotional well-being. He demonstrates the value of “stating the obvious” in letting the people we love know that we love them and provides practical insights into the benefits of letting go of old grudges and toxic emotions.
  • No One Has to Die Alone:  Preparing for a Meaningful Death
    Lani Leary, Jean Watson
    Caring for a terminally ill loved one can be the single biggest challenge of your life. Drawing from her experience sitting with over 500 people as they died and caring for her own terminally ill father, Dr. Lani Leary gently guides caregivers, family, and friends through the difficult transitions of illness, death, and bereavement.
Preparing Children for Loss
  • As Big as it Gets: Supporting a Child when a Parent is Seriously Ill
    Julie A. Stokes, Diana Crossley, Di Stubbs
    This booklet provides a range of ideas for parents and carers so that they feel able to involve their children in what is happening. The book also includes some suggestions about what parents might say to children and how to offer support.
  • Preparing your Children for Goodbye: A Guidebook for Dying Parents
    Lori A. Hedderman
    A supportive guidebook for parents who are terminally ill. This book is divided into three parts: • End-of-life issues to consider • How children cope with death • A Life Review workbook The book will help you plan for your own end-of-life care, prepare your children for your death, and record memories of your life. The book includes a Bibliography and a list of “Places to Turn To for Help”.